VMFG believes that active and responsible citizenship can make a successful company even stronger.  We vigorously affirm our commitment to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress.  We are committed to help meet the needs of society today while respecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  VMFG upholds the following environmental improvements to minimize the impact of our manufacturing processes on the global environment:

• All sheet styrene plastic has only a thin "cap" layer of virgin material laminated to a base of reground material at a 30%-70% blend.
• 30% of our non-cosmetic injection molding pellets are reground from pre-existing molded parts.
• All waste Corrugated Cardboard, Plastics, Wood Pallets, Metal and Paper are separated and either re-used in our manufacturing or recycled with proper ordinances that report over 90% return to reusable product.
• Processes requiring water cooling have been converted to closed loop systems requiring no water replacement.
• PVC has been replaced with RPET [from recycled bottles].
• Epoxy vacuum form molds are replaced with aluminum molds and recycled at the end of their life cycle.
• Energy saving initiative with Con Edison to run on 80% reduced energy consumption 1 day per quarter.